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Organic chemistry: Aromatic rings

This websitesis the best for summarize the aromatic chemisty:



I study Molecular and Supramolecular chemistry at the University of Strasbourg,

I think Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry in one of the best Master in my University, because we have a lots of and various choices for the PhD.

You can have more descriptions about this master on the website:

Molecular & Supramolecular Chemistry

If you don’t know what are the differences between these both names read this summarize:

Molecular chemistry is all about bonds between molecules, reactions between them :

– For example: Organic Chemistry is a nucleophilic ( electron rich) attacks on an electrophilic center (deficient in electron). The consequence is a new covalent bond which creates a new covalent molecules with: HOMO-LUMO gap, Polarity, (a)chirality, magnetism,…

Supramolecular Chemistry is described by the low interactions between subunits. The formation of “supermolecules” comprising a host and a guest with interact each other with non-covalent manner or bond. Supramolecular chemistry has got specific characteristic, function and properties. Weak interactions are VDW, Hydrogen bonds, Ion pairing and Coordination bonds.

to be a great chemist begin to create your own chemist world

I created this blog because it’s a little bit annoying when we are students and we see all around us lots of  great chemists who have hundreds of publications and you for the moment nought.

I’m going to post useful things for students, also some ideas in this field which could help you.

I’m From Strasbourg, in France, but if you want be nice in the scientific world you need to speak , write and understand English very fluently.

If it’s not the case:

               It’s the first thing you must learn and practise!

the second thing is:

               Have a Molecular Model!! it’s not too expensive and very useful, molecules are not the same as 2D as 3D!!!

Follow me in my chemistry world if you really love this , if you dream is to be later a successful chemist.