Molecular & Supramolecular Chemistry

If you don’t know what are the differences between these both names read this summarize:

Molecular chemistry is all about bonds between molecules, reactions between them :

– For example: Organic Chemistry is a nucleophilic ( electron rich) attacks on an electrophilic center (deficient in electron). The consequence is a new covalent bond which creates a new covalent molecules with: HOMO-LUMO gap, Polarity, (a)chirality, magnetism,…

Supramolecular Chemistry is described by the low interactions between subunits. The formation of “supermolecules” comprising a host and a guest with interact each other with non-covalent manner or bond. Supramolecular chemistry has got specific characteristic, function and properties. Weak interactions are VDW, Hydrogen bonds, Ion pairing and Coordination bonds.


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