Chemistry and Marketing: the best combinaison for Chanel N°5

Currently one of the best selling perfumes in the world since its creation in 1921. Chanel N°5 is a very complex fragrance which does not allow any of the components to be isoled out of the composition ( Aldehydic, woody, powdery, musky, citrus, floral). However, some years ago, Chanel N°5 slipped in some markets. In order to regain the top place, and attract a new generation of perfumes wears, Chanel launched a very wonderful ad campaign starring Nicole Kidman and about three minutes!! This short film is a romance. The story of the most famous woman in the world who flees paparazzi and jumps into a taxi where she meets a writer. He doesn’t know who she is, and together share a weekend in his garret before return to the outside world. Chanel N°5 is not really presented in the film, just at the end of the film we can see the form of a diamond pendant in the shape of a No 5. People really live the story. It’s a commercial hidden under art. Chanel N°5 is the luxury brand of the market and by the way of this ad campaign , all women dream about it. Brands have to look at different strategy to attract people. 

Reference: Financial Times

Look at this wonderful website with a video from youtube about Chanel N°5:




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