Supramolecular Chemistry of Nanomaterials: What do you really know about this!

I have chose to concentrate my studies around organic chemisty and supramolecular chemistry. Since I am in the chemistry field I know and enjoy that we called “supramolecular chemistry”, 


Do you Know the professor Jean-Marie Lehn, who has we two other great men a Nobel price in 1986. This professor JM Lehn, lives in my town, it’s a French man who lives in Strasbourg! His desk is about 1 Km of the University of chemistry and the wonderful “building” called ISIS for ” Institut des Sciences et d’Ingénierie Supramoleculaire” , is for me the more wonderful of the campus. I met Jean-Marie Lehn the first time on January 2014 for a seminar when I have spoken with him and of course asked his name written on my book!!! He immediately told me “of course” , it’s a nice man. During my internship I have seen him lot of times and it’s a so clever and outgoing man , I’m very fan of him, his works. Also Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage, a so nice, emerited professor , now retirement. He worked about molecular machines, very well know, rotaxans, catenans,..It’s so fascinating.

If you are interessed about my passion, I have found a summarize from an University, all is very well explained, so just click on this link:


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