Hydrogen Cars: Fuel cell vehicles


What about the Fuel Cell Vehicles  ?                        

It doesn’t use gasoline and doesn’t pollute the air. In fact, it produces steam instead of exhaust. But you have to ask what’s the mysterious fuel ! Hydrogen, the simplest and the most abundant element in the universe. Some people think, we could drive these fuel-efficient vehicles in 20 to 30 years. (1)

It contains a device called a fuel cell, which converts hydrogen to electricity giving off only heat and water as byproducts. From the outside, these car look like conventional vehicles but inside they contain technologically advanced components we don’t find today in our vehicles. The biggest difference is the fuel cell stack that converts hydrogen gas stored on board by reaction with the oxygen from air, into electricity and consequently permits to drive the electric motor of the vehicle (2). These non-polluting cars could be on the market for the 21st Century.

Hydrogen cars have the potential to :

  • Be fuel-efficient
  • Offer the hope of eco-friendly
  • Green driving

But several challenges must be overcome before these vehicles will be competitive with conventional vehicles.


(1) auto.howstuffworks.com

(2) fueleconomy.gov



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