Solar panels, let’s go to a green world.

Green electricity from sunlight   – What about it-

   The solar panel electricity systems, also called ” Solar Photovoltaic”, capture the energy of the sun according to photovoltaic cells. These cells don’t need have direct sunlight to work, they can still generate sunlight into electricity when the weather is cloudy. I think you have already seen calculators with solar cells. They never need batteries and don’t have an off button. To work they just need an enough quantity of sunlight. 

Do you know the benefits of solar electricity ?

Thanks to , I have found these:

  • Decreasing of the electricity bills: sunlight is free, we just paid for the installation of the solar panels.
  • We have to pay only for electricity we use
  • The extra electricity can be sold
  • A huge decreasing of carbon dioxide emission: solar panels could save around 30 tonnes over its lifetime.

How solar panels work ?

   Solar panels are made with layers of semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When the sun shines on the cell there is the creation of an electric field between the different layers. The stronger the sunshine will be, the most you will have electricity pro ducted in the layers. We can find of course different kinds of panels: different shapes, or size which are more or less appropriated to the roof.

What about the costs of this material ?

   The average of a domestic solar panel system is 4KWp and the price is between £6,000 and £7,400 (figures with the 5% of the VAT). But it’s necessary to underline that the prices have fallen over the last year. The solar panels costs depend of:

  • The capacity to generate electricity
  • The size of the system

   Something very interesting is that solar panel needs just a little maintenance: clean them and be careful that the trees don’t overshadow them.

But it’s very important to know you can remove them when you want.


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