Everything to know about Drones

   Drones are aircraft which can fly without a human pilot on board. This vehicle is usually operated by an automated computer system placed inside it.

   This concept dates over a century, but the first flying drones were created during World War I but not usable during combat. However, during World War II, the drones was taken up by the nazis who created these vehicles into a “flying bomb” (1).                

    After the World, the drones were used for surveillance and intelligencegathering in some countries.

   This technology has more and more grown over the time and is become cheaper and very powerful.

    So, it was a great interest, on the one hand for militaries like a new weapon (2). But on the other hand, some people see although this vehicle future flies which could help farmers to boost the productions leading to an agriculture revolution (3).

    Consequently, pilotless drones will have a big impact on the battlefield, which could serve as eyes in the sky and have several roles as spy as a help for the farmers.


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