Removing odor from wastewater by means of bacteria

       The company EcoVerde, designed a new system of filtration, able to remove odor and polluants which are in the wastewater. This through a biological process: some bacteria deed on hydrogen sulfide.

This process greener environmentally speaking than the already known agents because it doesn’t use any chemical product. EcoVerde is a Company created in the USA by Uribe Lobo.

The principle is easy: Air is extracted from sewage or industrial wastewater then sent to a system whose name is Bioscrubber EG [1]. There is evaporation and an other way for directs contaminants, for instance: ammonia NH3, Mercaptan (sulfur derivatives), and hydrogen sulfide H2S. These contaminants are responsible of all the bad odors, and are directed to a filter were bacteria eliminate them.

“The Bioscrubber EG is based on a non-degradable filter where we place and adhere various types of bacteria which are selected depending on the applications and contaminants. The removal of polluants occurs through a natural processor oxidation. Odors are consumed by microorganisms, so that the more polluted the air, there will be more food for the bacteria without incurring any cost” [2].

But, it’s important to know, each bacteria used by EcoVerde remove specific pollutants:

  • Autotrophic bacteria remove hydrogen sulfide H2S and methane CH4
  • Heterotrophic bacteria remove volatile organic compounds 

EcoVerde ‘s matrix is in the USA but hope to expand this service to other countries [3].


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  2. Uribe Lobo’s speech
  3. Materials, In vestigacion y Dessarollo.



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