Chemistry is all around us!

 Everything we hear, smell, taste, touch and see involves chemistry. Hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and seeing, involve several series of chemical reactions and interactions in our body. Consequently, know about chemistry is understand the world around us.

In other terms, chemistry is the study of the matter and the changes it can product.

Matter is anything which has a mass, and occupies a space, involving everything we can touch. There is a countless of matter all around us, this matter is composed of some hundreds of chemical elements. These elements are for instance, chlorine, silver or copper, etc. Nevertheless, the matter isn’t composed of chemical elements but composed of different combinaisons of these chemical elementsNuance-.

The prodigy of chemistry is when these basic particles are combined they make something new and unique.

If we take for example in the one hand, the sodium element “Na”: it’s an alkaline, soft and silver metal. When we put it in water, it reacts violently with the H2O molecules, giving hydrogen gas “H2”, and enough heat to make an explosion from the hydrogen gas producted

In an other hand, we take the example of chlorine element “Cl”: it’s an halogen, with a green color, a gas under the standard conditions ( 25°C or 298 K, 1 atom). It’s a very caustic and nasty gas using for these proprieties as a chemical warfare during World Wars.

Everybody know the formula of sodium chloride “NaCl”, so what could give as dangerous reaction the combinaison of these two elements ?! You could be surprised but just the common table salt “NaCl”…

Of course, everybody know that chemistry is not limited only to the mixture in the laboratories. It all around us and:

                                               The better we know chemistry, the better we know our world!


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