Come in the fascinating world of Bacteria

  You certainly know, bacteria are microscopic in size but very large in number….

We have maillions of bacteria on our skin and still more inside us. Effectively, bacteria have the amazing possibility to live everywhere in extreme climates.

In the heat: The Yellow Stone National Park with its boiling water in one example. Bacteria which are called thermophiles are heat lovers, thrive into theses waters. The fuel of these bacteria are Hydrogen and Sulfur they find in water and they are able to product many of the brilliant colors in Yellow Stone.

More surprising, other thermophiles live near from hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. The temperature fluctuates drastically between hot vent water and cold sea water. There is no natural light and the water is full of chemicals and minerals. But we find yet bacteria who live there, living by converting the toxic chemicals into food for them.

In the cold: We find less bacteria as you know in colder temperatures, it’s why you put your food in a refrigerator ..But we find other bacteria called psychrophyles, they are cold lovers. In fact, they live and reproduce in cold temperatures.

Also, very surprising, bacteria are in radioactive environments too, called dienococcus radiodurans, they are the only bacteria who wan survive in lethal amonts of radiations.

And of course, we find bacteria in our body: bacteria live on our skin, teeth, tongue, everywhere and are responsible of odors.

So, to speak a little bit about bacteria:

  • they are unicellular microorganisms
  • They don’t have a distinct membrane encloses nucleus

DNA floats simply in the interior of the cell.

Antibiotics have the power of destroy them in the case of deceases and inhibe their reproduction.

However, we only see the bad sides of the bacteria, but what about the good sides? Effectively, bacteria perform all sort of very important functions as in our body as all around us, for example in digestion, vitamines, food, oxygen, cleanup.

Yes, for on, bacteria are very amazing creatures!


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