The Ice Bucket Challenge VS Challenge’s game

  The ALS Association is grateful for all the donations poured to support the medical advanced against this disease.

Do you know what’s ALS disease?

ALS for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It’s a neurodegenerative disease which affects nerve cells of the brain. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons eventually leads to the death (1).

What about the” Ice Bucket Challenge”

I think everybody have already seen or heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge. This “activity” involves dumping a bucket of ice water on somebody.

However, the first idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge was to raise money after the challenge for charity. Son lot of famous people as Barack Obama, George Bush, Franck Dubosc, François Hollande made this challenge and give money for the association.

In fact, the person who make the challenge nomines three people who have to make the challenge before 24 hours 

Pamela Anderson, doesn’t want to make the challenge , she disagrees about in vivo tests on animals but she gives a donation. You aren’t obliged to make the challenge if you don’t want, the more important is make a donation (2).

Unfortunately, this challenge is become a game for many people who post a video on social network of them with the ice bucket poured on themselves but they don’t make any donations.

I think, on the contrary to pour a bucket with glace on ourselves, it’s more important to make a donation. If every person who has poured this ice water on themselves have just gave one euro without waste water, it will be more interesting fot the Association to fight this disease.


  2. Health: Local ALS Researches Take Ice Bucket Challenge CBS Philadephia. August 12, 2014.



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