Chemistry isn’t an only field but a set of disciplines

All the disciplines within chemistry as you know is based by the type of matter which is studied and create a group.

These groups are all very interesting and we need to have knowledges about all to be able work as an experimental chemist:

We can mention some of them:

  • Inorganic chemistry

Study the inorganic matter

  • Organic chemistry

Study of Carbon-based matter

  • Biochemistry

Study of the difference substances we can find in biological systems

  • Physical chemistry

Study of chemistry processes using physical skills: quantum, kinetic,…

  • Analytical chemistry

Analysis of material samples to know more about the composition of a compound as the composition, structure, mass

  • Neurochemistry

Study the nervous system 

It’s very important to understand the difference between these different skills and find what’s the best for us!

And when we like all these skills it’s a little bit difficult to manage…..



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