Second day of the summer school, very great!

The second day of the “Summer school “was still a great event.

The first part presented by Harry Anderson, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford.

Fist lecture: An introduction to molecular Wires

It’s amazing to see the mediate charge transport in very huge complex. He always works about porphyrins adding lot of groups around the pyrrole compounds.

Second lecture: Template-Directed synthesis of porphyrin nanorings 

He showed in his second lecture, the amazingly supramolecular control and the coordination of a metal center leading to full possibilities for a template-directed synthesis. The template has a crucial function giving the shape to the final complex. An assembly of pi conjugated nanorings lead to nanotubes. 

The second part was presented by Thomas ward, University of Basel

He explained that an artificial metalloenzyme results from the incorporation of a catalycally competent organometallic moiety within a host protein.

The last lecture, was presented by Jaume Veciana,  CSIC and CIBER-BBN, Bellaterra.

He showed us the impact of nanotechnology field in medicine and drugs. It’s very useful to take into account the advantages of nanotechnology, nanoparticules which permit the administration of drugs which can’t be without them. We saw for example, a polymeric nanoparticles very efficient to bind antibiotic and cross over the membrane and are able to destruct bacteria,…

Also, the widely used of CO2, a green component, to organic solvents. It allows the preparation of nanoparticles with application in nanomedicine.




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