Third day of the Summer School

Today it was the lecture of Jean-Pierre Sauvage. I’ve already written about his work in molecular machines.


But do you know what Catenanes are?


They were the first molecule whose structures couldn’t be described with the standard properties. Reported by Frisch and Wasserman, they synthesis a molecule consisting of two interlocked rings and they called them (2)-catenane. The two rings in the linked .
Catenane structure are the same in terms of atoms, bonds. If we give a direction to these catenanes they became chiral.
“The archetype of topologically non trivial compounds” catena mean chain .
To synthesis the catenanes there is a template methods. The pioneers of this synthesis are Fraser Stoddart and co-worker who have contributed a lot with the pi – pi stacking and H bonds in 1989.
Following by Chris Hunter , Fritz Vögtle in 1992 with the H Bonding.
Makoto Fujita showed the kinetic aspect labile bonds between Pd and Nitrogen atoms and hydrophobic interactions in 1994.
Until the works of JP Sauvage with lot of co workers who work about these and improve them.




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