Makoto Fujita, University of Tokyo

The lecture of Makoto Fujita was wonderful, this man is really clever, and sweet.

During his first lecture is has spoken about the structure and the function on the Nanoscale:

His work is based with molecular self assembly based on coordination chemistry. With that, he has explained us the combinaison of transition metal’s quire planer with pyridine bridging ligands which gives rise to a quantitative self assembly of nano sized, discrete organic frameworks.

Many examples were cited:

  • Square molecules (JACS 1990)
  • Linked-ring molecules (Nature 1994 and 1999)
  • Cages (Nature 1995)
  • Tubes (JACS 2004)
  • Capsules (Nature 1999)

He focused on the cavity-directed reaction and property control of organic molecules: one of the most important features of 3D host.

Moreover, this powerful is applied to the bottom-up construction of discrete, well defined nano-scale stuctures.


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