Molecular Tectonics by Pr Wais Hosseini

Molecular Tectonics : From Tectons Tectons to Networks.

An ensemble of Disordered Inert Construvtion Units (non-informed) and an ensemble of active construction units (informed) Tectons form accordinf to Periodic Patterns a perdiodic Architecture. There are several paramaters:

  1. Low probability in the absence of external intervention
  2. External intervention sequential construction process
  3. Self assembly: a sequential building process

A tecton is a building block and by interactions, they form together the sequential construction process.

As in Dynamic combinatorial chemistry, the building blocks form several different assembly, the best recognition is for the Energy minima of the assembly. For each energy level, there are different thermodynamic energies, consequently, the best assembly is for the lower energy system.

What is Molecular Network

Thanks to Pr Hosseini , ” Molecular networks in the crystalline phase are infinite periodic molecular assemblies formed under self-assembly conditions between self-complementary or complementary tectons. These size architectures may be regarded as hypermolecules formed by supramolecular synthesis based on reversible inter-tectons interactions. Molecular tectonics is based on molecular recongnition, events and their iteration leading to translational symmetry”

It’s concerned with the design and description of periodic architecture called molecular networks

Molecular level deals with individual modules: tectons, recognition and association periodicity.


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