Sunlight functions in life

Lot of events in the body are due to a photochemical reaction according to the nature:

  • The key step in this process is the isomerization of the 11-cis retinal into the 11-trans retinal according to the sunlight. This isomerization actives an ionic  flux which actives receptors in the retina permitting  the process of eyesight.
  • An other function is for the “jaundice infant”. When hemoglobin is gradiented it converts into bilisturine in the liver. However, infants haven’t a mature liver and this bilisturine goes directly in the blood giving this yellow color. This dangerous impact is treated with light. The babies are exposed under light because the irradiation allows the isomerization of the cis bilisturine which is insoluble in trans-bilisturine which is soluble and eliminated by urinary system.
  • Everybody know vitamin D, which have a function about the bone structure.This vitamin comes from the exposure to sunlight. Consequently, lot of people lake of vitamin D in winters or in cold countries.

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