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Advices for a future thesis !!

I’m in M2 now and in France it’s the last year at the university. I really hope find a lab for the next year where the boss is nice , the subject interesting .

I enjoy organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry , bio chemistry and use several fields of  chemistry twill be the best for me.

However, I don’t know when the best is for postulate. I have already tried since september but I  have quickly seen it was soon.

And I don’t know all the scholarships for a student who wants to make that.

I know in industry we can ask for a CIFRE, also, in my university we can access to a competition to have our own scholarship but it’s a competition and nobody can know who will have or haven’t it.

I need more advices about all these, in the same time it’s a hard year because the personal work is very huge at least for me, I want to be brillant.

So, help me to find more information and you will the welcome !