I’m Charlie

We are all ravaged about the murder attempt yesterday over Charly’s Hebdo.

Why these twelve designers of the newspaper are killed? Because they drew, they wrote, because we have our freedom of expression.

This act won’t be tolerated, and today it’s all our country which is injured.

Among these people, there were also policemen, or guest.



George Wolinski,



Mustapha Ourrad,

Elsa Cayat,

Frédéric Boisseau,

Michelle Renaud,

Franck Brinsolaro,

Ahmed Merabet

All in our heart.” I’m charlie “


One thought on “I’m Charlie

  1. Hi Anne, I don’t agree; but I’m not skilled in English to express correctly my opinion(s). I think that that freedom (to lampoon or attack the dignity of people and peoples, without looking at their eyes) is an abstract concept, that humanity needn’t; whereas human respect is more concrete and can really injure. We should comprehend, not throw blind and anonym attacks just to sold newspapers. I don’t want, with these words to justify the terrorists. But you should know that the world is complex anche includes such bad people, first of feeling so proud of using satire as a political weapon. It is no so wise as you believe. The second point is about WHO really armed and commanded those bad people to made that. Is a issue of truth. I have evidences that the videos were somewhat artifact. Remember ISIS is nothing but a hidden arm of US Central Intelligence Agency. That is the first enemy of our world (defender of freedom of a few people by the dissemination of terrorism and cancellation of the freedom of most honest people, like and me).


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