Antimicrobial peptides (Part fourth)

The plant sources leaf extract are shown to be very effective against extracoccus faecals. It’s a major microbe recovered from root canal.

Proline-riche Bacterinine against Gram-ves

They can enter bacteria cells without damaging the membrane. It uses Sbm-A, a bacteria proton which permits to create a drive transporter into cells.

This polypeptide contains several combinaisons of amino acids, one of them contains:

– Ten residues Proline

– Two arginine residues

This polypeptide is the best combinaison (1).

PAF-26 is a de NOVO designed hexapeptide antifungial.

It contains two motifs N-terminal with cationic region and a C-reminal hydrophobic region.

It’s a dynamic antifungial mode of affection involving electrostatic interactions with the cells of the membrane . The internalisation is possible and it kills the cell. The mode of killing is not clear nowadays.

Current researches on PAF-26 are made like:

  • Analyzed by live cell imaging
  • Attached a fluorescent tag

(1) Sadler & al. Biochemistry, 2002,41, 48


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