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The importance of drones nowadays

A drone is an unmanned aircraft such as :


They are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAV). So, there are essentially flying robots.

This aircraft enables to fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems working in conjunction with GPS.

We can see, nowadays, very huge applications for this vehicles:

  • Surveillance
  • Military
  • Traffic monitoring

But the listing is still very long.

I have found a very interesting role for drone. In fact, In Mexico they use drones to protect sea turtle nest :



Toronto Town

Toronto is a great walking town. Some of the neighborhoods are very known for their own architectural beauty: the charming Victorian houses along the tree-lined streets of Cabbagetown.


The equally attractive brick mansions neo-Gothic cottages of the Annex, a district of artists, professors and students who attend the University of Toronto.

Casual travelers and most longtime residents think the city’s pleasures outweigh its some shortcoming such as the staid, the town could be too predictable, … that its streets are very clean and safe and that its people ( 2.6 million in Toronto) are pleasant and very helpful.

One paradox of Toronto town is that even as the city enables new arrivals to assimilate onto Canadian life, people talk about how a certain neighborhood was originally home to immigrants from one area who then moved on to a more prosperous town today !