LUSH cosmetics

Here I present you something I’ve just discovered two weeks ago according to youtuber’s videos.

This is LUSH cosmetics. So what’s LUSH cosmetics?

This is a cosmetics store of fresh handmade cosmetics, without chemical ingredients,  the  soaps, ..products are naked so you haven’t containers you will throw , very good for our environment, all the products are no testing on animals.

The products are very fantastic, you will find all odors , all textures, all colors that you wish.

I’ve chosen to show you what I’ve chosen, so you can see and I can explain the good/bad parts:

Face masks.

There are fresh face masks but the bad part is you have to conserve it at 0 °C and use it before three weeks. So I’ve chosen one which is stable at room temperature, for years. The odor is pleasant, you keep it about ten minutes.


Night care

I’ve chosen a product whose texture is such a gel , for all imperfections . The odor is aloe vera, lavande so it’s not disturbing for the night.

Soin nuit


There are various soaps for all skins, with several odors. I don’t like the very strong odors. I have taken a soap for dry skins consisting of figs leaves. It’s as for the face as for the body. But I keep it for the face

savon feuilles de figue #2

For FUN,

There are many BOMB Bath, or melting soap for the bath , also some sticks you can use for wash your body, your hair, also to lather your bath. I’ve chosen this last . It’s funny, the odor is fresh and you have for an eternity of this solid product!

savon-shampoing-mousse pour bain #3

  • Bomb bath are big solid ball you make in the bath.  effervescent , you see the color of you bath change, a demonstration in the shop or look at youtube ; you see the color of you bath pink, blue, golden with several odors. But I don’t like bath so I’vent chosen this…

Solid shampoo and after shampoo

They have made all cosmetics under a solid form …I have a sample of solid shampoo and really it’s just the best shampoo of my life. You  wet your hair and collect the soap on your hair then you have mousse in a big quantity, the odor is fabulous and there are for all hair ( dry, ..) I like it !

échantillon shampoing solide

The same for after shampoo … on the left it’s a sample and on the right I’ve bought it .

après shampoing solide #2


This is very practice when you are at your job, vacations ,…little pellets  , you broke one or the moiety of one with your teeth and with a wet toothbrush you brush your teeth such with a normal tooth path. Moreover these ethifrices contain sodium bicarbonate useful to keep your teeth white, and of course you have different taste ( mint, rose flower, …).

dentifrice 12.29

The pellets are in little carton,

and the pellets are like this:

ethifrice ouvert #2


Whoosh is a blue jelly , with a fabulous odor. You wet your body and pass this jelly which products mousse on your body. It’s a little bite difficult the first time because it slides of your hand !


woush ouver

The thing !!

To finish, the sellers are very nice, they give you samples as the moment you buy for example a soap ( minimum weight 100 g), you can ask a sample of an other, and really they are not cheapskate because they give you 50 g of sample …That it’s when you make your selection.

And spontaneously, they give you in a little box an other sample to discover …

echantillon  #3

This if an other Face mask, and it’s like this:

echantillon ouvert

So you have for three times of this …

Sure, you have to test to make your own selection. I know for example i will not buy an other time whoosh because it’s finally more for fun than other thing but I know it because I have it ….

Also, the price for some products is expensive but for some things it’s the contrary ( e.g.: solid sample 100 g cost 5 euros and you have for 100 washings, it’s the quantity of three bottles of liquid shampoo so it’s nice.

The brand is English ( London) , it’s homemade, with only natural product. You can see in the store, the preparation.

If you order the product this is cheaper on the U.K Lush website than the French website …

I advice you to look at the website to see all the products :

Also, as me, look at youtuber’s video:


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