Useful links for scientists

     Often, we need to know the name of an abbreviation, of course you will find it on the web but what else of a single link about the abbreviations which give the name of the molecules, and the reactions that involves this molecule. You will find your satisfaction as mine in this link:

A little overview and don’t hesitate!


Capture d’écran 2016-01-17 à 09.32.35

    You will enjoy this link if you often need the properties of a molecule, just enter the formula and you will have a comprehensive list about it: chemical names and formulas, structure diagram, 3D structure, basic properties, liquid properties , thermodynamic properties, phase diagram, chemical identifiers and toxicity properties.

      It’s always useful to have a calculator of atomic mass at hand, you have to write the formula of your molecule and submit…


   pKa and pH calculator will make some joyful student, enter the name and the molarity, for example HCl (2M) and you will have pKa, Ka, pH,….


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