Chemistry in fun !!!

I’ve found something which could enjoy everybody. Ya, I begin with a free game found on American Journal Society website.

Why it’s interesting and I share it with you:

Atom combine and bond to each other to make molecules.
For example, water (H2O) is always made from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. All water molecules have this combination of atoms. In this game, you have to collect two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen to extinguish a fire, also you will learn a molecule has characteristics that are different from the atoms that make it up:  you couldn’t pour oxygen and hydrogen atoms on a fire and expect to put it out. These atoms only act like water when they are bonded together as water molecules.

Click and play …..

But…in fact, this ACS page website, it’s a really interesting interactive review

you will find:

  1. Experiments,
  2. Some secrets of chemistry stuff,
  3. An other game,
  4. For fun a Science ABC

Enjoy !


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