What’s good to be a chemist

The work of a chemist is everyday a challenge, exciting when you find something new, sometimes stressful but rewarding. Having a chemistry degree in hand can open many doors such as:

Academic Institutions

You might work as a teacher at the university or in high school, teacher in primary or secondary school, or researcher in a university or industry.

Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

  1. Drug Administration as a medicinal, analytical or biochemical chemist
  2. Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies or analytical chemist
  3. Department of Agriculture as an agricultural, biochemical, Environmental, or analytical chemist
  4. Environmental Protection Agency, environmental, inorganic or organic chemist
  5. Patent Office as a patent researcher or lawyer
  6. National Science Foundation as a science writer and editor
  7. Department of Energy as an industrial and engineering, materials, or environmental chemist

Chemical Industries

Chemists produce everything from plastics and paints to pharmaceuticals products, flavors, fragrances, detergents, cosmetics, …


Some chemists also work as business owners, consultants, art conservators, or even investment bankers.


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