The most poisonous substances

The most poisonous substances often gathered based on their acute toxicity as measured by LD50: Lethal Dose.

LD50 is a mesure of the dose in a substance which kill half of a given population.

Here are presented the five most poisonous substances:

1. Botulinum toxins

Botulinum toxins are included in the family of neurotoxins and contains the most toxic substance known on human.

images2. Snake venom

Most snake venom are a mixture of several proteins which are often neurotoxins. The speed of activity makes that some venoms might kill very quickly. This is a crucial information because a potent but slow-acting venom can leave enough to intervenes whereas a fast-acting poison with a lower LD50 can kill in some seconds.


3. Arsenic

Arsenic is a very toxic metals. This metal decouples the respiratory chain by substitution with phosphorus.


4. Polonium-210

Polonium kills by emitting radiation which shreds sensitive biomolecule such as DNA and kills cells. The death is slow because of radiation poisoning.


5. Mercury

Mercury is a type of metal poisoning. This is a heavy metal occurring in several forms. Less than one gram of this metal produce high toxicity or death. Mercury acts by blocking blood vessels.





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