Periodic table, an international work

As you can see The Periodic Table is completely international !

Capture d’écran 2016-04-10 à 10.21.43

Romans and Greeks described twelve elements.

Scientists of 15 different countries have discovered the remaining 106 elements.

19 elements of those have been co-discovered by researchers of two countries.

Although some of them such as Bromine, Thallium were isolated by chemists of different nationalities.

Collaborative researches have also led to discover recently four new elements whose: Ununpentium, Ununseptium and Ununoctium.

Polish Maria Skodowska-Curie and her French husband, Pierre Curie, effected isolation of Radium and Polonium.


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It’s wonderful to see Periodic Table, something we use everyday in chemistry field, is in fact the result of a collective and very long-term work of international scientists.


Reference: Article of Enrique Domínguez Álvarez


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